We are currently in search of culinary masters to showcase throughout the 2019 year. In order to be considered, you will need to fill out the application below. You may participate in as many events as you are qualified to handle. If you feel you can handle multiple cuisines, then select all applicable event concepts to be considered. We are only contracting with a limited amount of chefs, so once we complete our 2019 roster, registrations wont open up again until end of next year.

We have a vetting process that involves sending someone to inspect your restaurant, photographing all menu items to be considered, as well as filming your chef cooking each menu item, so we have enough to promote your restaurant/chef skills, should you be approved. We will not consider any applications who are unwilling to complete these requests.

Restaurant Application

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  • Please let us know which events, in which you are interested in participating for 2019.
  • Event Space Info

    We do not charge rent for Restaurants.

    You will receive a 20x20 space for your concept.

    We will provide signage.

    We will provide Point of Sale systems for you to use at our events.

    All Food Sales are settled with a split of 80%/20%.
  • Confirmations

  • We film and photograph everything to help breweries reach broader audiences. The more content we have to offer, the better results we can get for our participating breweries.
  • Review and Submit

    Make sure everything is filled out and go ahead and submit the form by clicking the button below.