If you are interested in participating at an event, please submit an application below. 

If you are a Restaurant, Chef, Brewer, Winemaker, Distiller, Packaged Food or Non-Alcoholic Beverage interested in participating in an event, booth fees are waived in lieu of sampling. Restaurants/Chefs will receive a stipend from Feedback Alliance to cover food cost. For craft, commercial and non-profit exhibitors, the fees will vary. Please select your exhibitor type when you fill out the app to see the fees.

Exhibitor Application

  • Contact Info

  • Business Info

  • Product/Service Info

  • Events of Interest

  • Discounts can be applied for multiple event registrations.
    10% 5-9 events
    20% 10+ events
  • Cities of Interest

  • Exhibitor Fee

    Your exhibitor fees cover the following:
    • 10x10 space (and sign, if applicable)
    • 1 Table provided for food & beverage sampling exhibitors (linen not provided)
    • Hyperlinked logo listing on Event website
    • Brand listing in Rock The Fork social channels, such as Facebook events you are participating in.
  • Exhibitor Type / Payment

    A $50 deposit is required by all exhibitors. It is 100% refundable given you load in / out during designated loading times, and there are no onsite damages.
    Your booth fee will only be charged if approved. This deposit will be used toward your first event.

    Keep in mind that we do not soft-hold events. We will always double check events for conflicting/similar exhibitors, but we do not offer first right of refusals to anyone. Payment is the only way to guarantee exhibitor space.

    *If you are a reseller of products for companies, such as Scentsy, Gold Canyon, ColorStreet, Paparazzi Jewelry, It Works, Herbalife, or other similar company/products, you are considered a Commercial Exhibitor.

  • Sponsorships & Advertising Options

    If you are interested in also participating in sponsorships or advertising opportunities to gain more exposure for your business/brand, please select any of the options below to let us know.
    Sponsorship & Advertising fees will only be charged if approved and if the sponsorship and/or ad opportunity is still available.

    Social Media Presenting Sponsor ($250): includes your logo on banner ads for an exclusive Facebook ad campaign, as well as a text tag on the Facebook Event Description, reaching several thousand consumers. (2 Left)

    Delicious Moment Sponsor ($100): will include your logo and mention on a social media video showcasing any of the delicious food or beverages participating in an event, i.e. This "Delicious Moment" is brought to you by, "Sponsor". Video will be posted in the Facebook Event prior to the event dates, reaching several thousand consumers. (6 Left)

    Promoted Post on Social Media ($10cpm): We charge a standard rate of $10cpm ($10 per thousand followers) for any promoted post via our social media channels. For example, 1 post to 1,000 followers is $10. 1 promoted post into a Facebook event would be based on total followers of the event.

    Other Sponsorship: Have another sponsorship idea? Let us know what you are thinking and we are happy to create something that works for you.

  • $0.00
  • Payment Info

    Approval and/or denial will be issued within 72 business hours. ​ If for whatever reason, you are not approved, we will refund your deposit.
  • Review and Submit

    Make sure everything is filled out and go ahead and submit the form by clicking the button below.
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